Wedding Band Repair

This option is for customers who have the perfect ring with a imperfect issue from years of use. From adding inlays to replacing old existing inlays. Send us your ring and we will repair the ring to your standards. 

This includes removing old dings and scratches to brand new conditions. The inner ring will be left alone to preserve ring size unless requested. Ring repair pricing varies depending on the repair:

Polish/scratch removal $35

Replacing existing inlay $55

Adding inlay to none inlayed ring $80

*Prices reflect FREE shipping back to sender, Tax not included.*

Send us an Email or message us on Facebook with your request and we will personally work out all details to make your imperfect ring perfect again. 

**resizing a ring will require machining and will change the overall ring thickness and shape. If the ring is already too thin and it would destroy the ring in the attempt to resize, then resizing is not available.**